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Why Men Leave And Come Back | 2 Top Reasons Explained

Ever thought why that boyfriend of yours left you? So why men leave a good woman in the first place?

The way you have chased him like crazy only to realize that in fact this farther drove him away.

On the other hand, you must have experienced how your ex keeps on crawling back to your life when you stop keeping any contact with him.

In this article I am going to tell you the 2 most important reasons why men leave a woman they love.

And the 2 things you can do to make him chase you back..

Let me give give you an example of a friend who recently broke up..

Tanya was confused. She was dating John for less than two weeks now.

He had worked too hard to impress Tanya. He was attentive, very respectful,gentle and curiously engaged with Tanya all the time.

On their third date, he just pulled away and acted strange and unlike himself. Just when she decided she’s fallen for him. He just vanished!!

Now, my friend Tanya is on the pedestal. I mean she’s ready to do everything to chase him back.

Doing everything she possible could to get his attention.

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Why do men do that? Why men leave A Woman?

Honestly, not every man does that. Yet, most of them do when the things starts to heat up.

Enough, in fact, that this is a common question among women who struggle to understand what mistake do they make to chase the men away.

Why men leave a good woman after trying so hard to get the woman they wanted.

 I mean they come on strong, chasing and pursuing you with enough passion and intensity, but it’s all game over once they win your attention.

I will explain why this happen and the male psychology behind it. The reasons why men leave and what you can do to make him chase you back.

Love learnings

All Men Want Is the Stimulation Of The Challenge : They want the Chase

Men are psychologically driven to competitions and challenges.

I mean that’s what they have been told since they were little kids. They are psychologically wired to see themselves as a provider. To be the best at whatever they do.

That’s why, at first, it’s all about the chase. He’s trying hard to get your attention and proving himself worthy of you.

While you are deciding whether he is the catch or not.

Once he gets your attention and love, the pursuit changes.

Now, you are head over heels into him, caring and nurturing the relationship like you would normally do as it comes naturally to women.

Now, this guy is not that attentive or curious enough about you because he is getting everything from you so easily. I mean, you are literally texting him “I miss you and I love you” multiple times in a day.

Make him worship you

By the way, A guy loves to read these messages. (Gives them a sense of achievement).

So what do you do in this first scenario?

Before you decide to fall in love with him and just through in the towel, (although deep down inside you know you want him?,

Keep giving him a little dose of appreciation and admiration plus keep his values on check.

Confused? I will tell you how.

Like I explained how their minds are wired to perform better when challenged. He should know that you are not that easy to win.

I mean you are a trophy that he needs to cherish for his entire life.

Don’t say that you love him yet. (Even if you do from with in). Tell him something like,

“You are a nice guy and all, I kinda like you, but….stop there and change the question, say “tell me, what if I don’t feel for you after some time?’

Trust me, this one simple question would jolt his value system and he will do whatever he can to prove his worth as a provider and the best suitor for you. (Psychology you see 😉

Keep testing his values every now and then with a lot of appreciation for his efforts.. I will just come to that in the next point.

Now comes the appreciation part..

attract women with curiosity

The things men want most from any relationship are values, appreciation and admiration. That applies for love in the same way.

You see, as a man in the relationship, he wants to be your hero.

To be very honest, a man compromises on a lot of things without even breaking a sweat just to make his woman happy.

You have to make him feel that he is important for you and you admire every little efforts he makes.

It could be as little as reaching a box of sugar from the shelf.

Say thank you with a smile, looking into his eyes and saying with your eyes that you love him. He will feel that trust me.. And it’s more powerful than texting him a 1000 times.

That brings me to my second point of Why men Leave..

Now, you need to ask yourself a question..

Do you want a high value man in your life who has the charm and intensity to fall in love with only.

You know that he has options and he has that in him to get any woman he wants..

Why ONLY you then??

You see, a man with values will look only for a woman with high values and integrity.

You see, he wants a life long experience of love, passion, intensity and respect and admiration for each other.

He’s not going to settle for mediocre.

He Wants You To Have A Life Too

It’s quite easy to forget and lose ourselves while we are in a relationship.

You might stop doing things that used to make you feel happy, you tend to neglect hobbies and your passion, spending good time with your family and friends.

You stop taking care of your physical and mental health. Yes, your relationship is a priority but don’t make it the biggest thing in your life.

So, keep yourself healthy and meet other important people in your life.

The worst thing you can do is to make him feel that he’s the only life you have got.

Keep your self-confidence and self-esteem high. Let him experience the awesome life you have and welcome him into your world.

Why men leave

Be comfortable in male company..A high value man will make more efforts to keep you forever, if he knows that you have male admirers too.

It’s not to make him feel jealous. I mean, keep giving him subtle signs that he’s the one you are interested in a romantic relationship with. Yet, you have choices!!

So, there you go. 2 reasons why men leave women.

Thing men want

2 Secrets Why Men Come Back

Quite strangely enough, the reasons I have mentioned above about Why Men Leave Women are actually the answers to why they come back..

I will explain how..

All Men Want Is the Chase : Stimulate Their Psychology

By now, you must know how important it is for them to chase and then own you as a prize.

A lot of dating experts would tell you to follow a “No Contact” method where you simply just vanish from his life. It definitely works but not that much with a high value man.

You see, if you were able to focus on the reasons I mentioned above and the little things you can do,

  • Keep his value system in check
  • Appreciating and admiring his efforts (no matter how little they seem)
  • Having your own life with a purpose and integrity
  • Showing that he’s important to you

he would not leave you at the first place.

Because, he knows by now that you are a woman with lot of values, self-respect and clarity about what you really want.

But let’s say he still does leave you..

What do you do?

Yes, you follow the “No Contact” rule along with living an awesome life not just to show him how happy you could be, but to actually be happy doing whatever you want.

I don’t advice you to block him from your Social Media or contact list because he’s still someone you have admired and shared amazing experiences with.

I mean no one can take that fact away, can they?? Even if he does block you for some reason.

It shows the goodness in you and the level of maturity you posses.

Although, you don’t contact him or send him any texts at all yet you don’t block him or worse chase him either.

The fact that you are living your life happily and he’s aware that there are men around you who are probably trying to impress you day and night. (Being comfortable in other men’s company like you showed him while you were dating 😉

During this no contact period, you might have questions like, Does he miss me at all? Would he get attracted to someone else?

These are quite natural as human beings after all.

The fact is, he’s asking the same questions to himself. Are you dating someone? Have you forgotten the experiences you both had? etc etc etc…

And he knows, that you are happy in your life without him will make him even curious to know what’s going on.. Again, his values jolted and the quest to chase and win takes place..

He will contact you back.. Period..

And when he does, here’s what you do..

He might call you or text you to explain and talk over the things again.. may be give it another shot…

Don’t get right to the point or the reason of the break-up..let him know that you still admire him (not love him, even if you do) and you are okay to meet sometime to talk.

Now the trick is, you make the plans for the next meet up.. Make sure you chose a place where you can be a little close yet it’s still public..

He will ask you about your life, just tell him how happy you are and mean it..

Show interest in his life as well and genuinely ask if he’s doing okay. (You can touch his hands or his face for a second or two while asking this question)

He will say he missed you and he would want you back in his life… they all do eventually.

Now you can discuss the if’s and but’s and the reasons of the break up..

Listen to his story first attentively and try to think it from his perspective if you can..

Then tell him about what you feel..

What you did here, he will appreciate your efforts you made meet him with a smile and listened to his story.. now that’s a quality high value women have..

You see, a man will definitely want you back the moment he fears losing a woman like you.

Devotion System

Ignite His Hero Instinct Again:

Since, you have made him realize your value as the woman of desire. Someone, who doesn’t fear to lose that guy and life her life happily.

And someone who can get any man she wants, yet you’re ready to accept him again into your life.

Now that’s a woman he can’t afford to lose..

Check out this video that talks about how to ignite his hero instincts. Signals and texts that can make him go crazy and make him want you back.

You see, while talking about getting back and working things again, obviously you would be honest and truthful about what you want and what you “DO NOT WANT” most importantly.

You can remind him of those little things he had done for you and how appreciative you always were.

Moreover, you understand that it takes a lot of efforts for a man to compromise on so many things just to make his woman happy.. And you admire this fact about him.

Remind him how he saved you as a hero when you needed him the most. Tell him how you wanted him to be a part of your thick and thin.

Now the most powerful tool is sex..You would agree with that.

 why men leave

I would suggest you to use this to seal the deal and keep this for conclusion..

You see, when you tell a man how capable he is with his skills on bed, it just boosts his ego and makes him confident about him.

You can ignite the sexual chemistry (don’t have rebound sex please) by telling him how good he was with you.

How attentive he was towards your little sexual ventures and that all made you so happy.

Side note : Don’t say something like you miss it terribly.. Just let him know that he was good..

You can then get back to your normal conversation valuing each others importance. (Don’t drag the topic of sex too much)

Again, just don’t give in to the temptation of getting back together. Tell him that you both can think about the broader perspectives and importance of this relationship and then make a decision.

Check out this video to which talks about every men’s secret obsession.

This powerful tool can help you excel in your dating life with men. Please use it with caution and for good. Not to manipulate anyone.

I would also highly recommend a book called Superior Seductress which breaks down simple ways of how to attract the man you desire.

Alright, so now you have all the information about why men leave and what makes them come back. I want you to hear about your story.

Please feel free to write in comments below.

  1. The reason for your breakup?
  2. What actions have you taken?
  3. After reading this article and applying the ways, did it change anything? If yes, how and if not tell me what you did?


Happy Hunting..

Nishant R.

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