What Men Want

Want Men Really Want In A Woman | 3 Things He wants From You

He Doesn’t REALLY Want the Perfect Woman

He Wants These 3 Things from You Instead…

So, what men really want in a woman? I am sure that you spend a lot of time trying to be the kind of woman you think men want? 

Trust me, it’s almost a lifetime for most women. You spend all this time making yourself look sexy and attractive.

Only to present as an interesting, fun loving, worldly not needy in the slightest.

You spend all this time showing him just how good you’d be for him… Just dreaming how amazing his life would be if he chose you as the woman by his side…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It never works. WHY?

Why do you work so hard… And he just takes you for granted, does he even notices you at all?

It’s probably because he’s immature, right? Maybe, he can’t recognise a good thing until it’s gone. Or … It’s because you’ve been doing everything for him.

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What Men Want

He Won’t Value It, If He Doesn’t Work for Your Relationship..


Men value only those things they have worked really hard to get.

Hand a man an awesome job, and he won’t value it as much as if he’d had to put in real efforts to prove worthy of it.

I mean, even if you hand a man the perfect girlfriend, he won’t value her as much as if he’d had to charm her for weeks just to get her to go out with him. That’s exactly why playing hard to get works.

But, as you’ve probably already noticed…

There’s a BIG problem with playing hard to get. In reality, this strategy stops working once he’s actually got you.

Well, something strange happens when guys decide they’ve won you. It’s almost like they think, “Game over.”

Their minds are already on their next challenge. What is going on?!

So, how can you stop it from damaging your relationship?

His Secret Obsession

Why Me, You Must Think—ALL Women Experience This

(That’s Why They Ask for Help)

Therefore, most women give up on love. They never let themselves get too close to a man, due to the fear of scaring him off.

But other women try a different approach. They get help..

So why dos it actually happen?

A guy who’d been warm, affectionate and interested would suddenly become distant.

He’d no longer have any time for her. He wouldn’t smile that often. He’s not making that intense eye contact. His kisses seem unintended..

You know what…There’s nothing wrong with You.

Rather, it all comes down to something called “The Hero Instinct.”


I would highly recommend a book called Superior Seductress. It breaks down simple ways of how to seduce any man you desire. 

Most Women Do Something that Drives Men Away…

Without Ever Realising It

One of the most wonderful things about women is how naturally caring they are.

I mean just look at you! You’re always there for your guy and look after him. You make time for him and you are always ready to do anything for him.


You never realise that, in the process…

You’re actually taking something away from him. You’re taking away his purpose.

You see, he wants to be your hero. He doesn’t want you to be his hero.

They love heroes. See how many grown men are still fascinated by Marvel comics and superhero movies.

Every man on Earth, from the time he was a boy, dreamed of growing up to be the kind of hero who would save the world—and get the girl at the same time.

In reality, this doesn’t happen to many men to their world-saving side in their 9-5 jobs.

Obviously, they can’t just rip off their corporate ties and spring into action, revealing their superhero avatar. Maybe they can’t save the world. But they can still get the girl.

At least they can feel like a superhero at heart by getting the girl they desire for.

It takes superhuman confidence and superhuman charm. Superhuman immunity to pain. Now, all he needs to find is…

A girl who needs a hero. Do You Need a Hero? Let me guess… That’s not you.

You’re strong and independent. You can drive a stick shift and can take care of yourself.

Moreover, you’re never going to make that Jerry Maguire mistake of looking for a man to complete you!

Instead, you have a lot to offer a man. You’re generous, kind and Loving. All you want is to find a man who’s willing to receive all you have to give.

And that’s why heroes aren’t showing up in your life. That’s why you’ve ended up with so many takers instead. Guys who take everything you have and leave you high and dry.

3 Ways You Can Invite a Hero into Your Life, Starting Today

What Men Want : Ask him for help.

A man’s mind is hardwired to operate in a better way if challenged.

Ask him for advice on buying a new computer or buying a bed. Call him and ask him to search a house with you.

You can ask him to check that weird rattling sound from your car while ignition.

Ask him to reach something on the top shelf. Don’t forget to thank him warmly, with a great big smile of appreciation.

You have got to flirt with him and be slightly sexual as and when you can. Say something like…It’s nice to have someone helpful like you around..plus you smell amazing!!


I bet you can pull my bed to another room..oh by the way, I weigh only 60..;) (doesn’t matter how much weigh anyway).

Love learnings

No, that doesn’t make you needy. It makes you a woman with space for a man in her life. And a woman who’s confident with her desires.

A desire to prove he’s worthy of the challenge (that’s you) is what men really want in a woman.

Be comfortable and take pleasure in male company.

Honestly, guys love women who appreciate men for just being men. So what if his apartment is a shrine to sports?

So what if he spends hours on his fantasy football team?

Have a social life with a lot male companions. Ask him to join for get together or parties and introduce him to your male friends.

Men value quality women who knows how to enjoy life. But make sure, you are only desiring him and not any of your male friends.

He gets the signal when you make that exclusive and intense eye contact. Telling him that, you WANT him. BUT, you definitely don’t need him as you can get any guy whenever you feel like. Getting my point?

Irresistible texting

Let him work to earn your respect.

Again, challenge him to prove this worth to you. Ask him questions about his aspiration and goals.

Set boundaries between each other and most importantly let him know (in subtle ways) that you are not scared of losing him.

Superheroes love challenges. They don’t want to be given a gold medal just for showing up. Simply put, they don’t appreciate things that they can get easily.

Definitely not your love handed to them on a plate. They want to earn it.

There’s one thing they crave even more than a woman’s eternal enduring love: A challenge!

So give him opportunities to prove himself. You don’t have to do the work of winning him over. Sit back, relax, and allow him the pleasure of winning your admiration.

I am sure that you have a fair idea of what what men really want in a woman. 

The number 1 reason why men pull away, is because they are not psychologically challenged to prove their worth in a relationship.

Keep Learning

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Happy Hunting..

Nishant R.

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