3 things what a woman wants in a Man!

What a woman wants in a man is a mystery to all men.

In reality, it’s not that difficult to at least have a little understanding about how women operate.

You will be astonished to discover that women are not that difficult  to understand and they are always teaching men how to seduce them.

I know that I’m being overly ambitious about this topic. I am hoping to have cracked the mystery of What a woman wants”.

However, it won’t be incorrect to say that you can’t really understand the plethora of emotional layers a woman feels unless you are a woman.

You have been repeating so many relationship mistakes which are ruining your dating life.

I have heard this question so many times from my married friends, single, dating, hopelessly single men.

fuck buddy

I am by no means an expert, however, I thought to share a few things I have learned and developed throughout my dating marathons and I think are important for men to understand.

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What a woman wants is a man who own his desires.

What a woman wants

It’s paramount for a man to own your desires. You should be able to want to talk to a woman you like and project your intent without being pretentious.

True love is quite evidently well-projected and glorified in the movies.

Men in most parts of the world predominantly Asian countries have a horrid mental conditioning of friending a woman to bed.

They are sold to the idea of the friend seduction technique resulting in ending the friendship too.

Owning your desires and projecting it without being apologetic are characteristics in men women find really sexy.

However, it doesn’t mean to harass a woman and impose your desires to them infringing their personal space and comfort. Not cool!

So, what does a woman really want??

Most men don’t really have a clue what a woman wants and they don’t even care at times. So maybe shoes, dresses, expensive cars, wealth, romance, flowers, a knight in a shining armour?

Interestingly, I asked this question to a friend of mine. Let me share a conversation we had over a chat.

Me: Hey, according to you what a woman wants in a man?

Friend – I think they want a nice guy in their lives. (Apart from all the things I have mentioned above)

Me: Do you call yourself a nice guy?

Friend – Yes, of course.

Me – Do you also want a woman to be just as nice with you without showing you any sexual interest.

Friend – I mean, I am a nice guy but I also want her in my life. All the women I know are just not interested in me sexually.

In fact, they are having sex with guys that are probably not even seriously involved with them.

Make out with a girl

Nice Guy Syndrome.

Honestly speaking, most nice guys don’t even care to understand what a woman wants.

They put in so much efforts and energy pretending to be a friend accommodating, listening and always pretending to be relentlessly available.

They think that they are just building some sort of sexual approbation by being super nice.

Eventually the woman is horrified and repulsive about her friend hitting on her.

She feels dejected to have discussed her sex encounters and deep secrets to a friend who is now trying to get into her pants.

Now, this nice guy becomes resentful and thinks women are evil and don’t like to have sex with him.

She instead fucks a guy who doesn’t do all the creepy “I care for you” stuff.

So, what a woman wants in a man? It is to be bold enough to project his intentions and not being apologetic about it. 

I highly recommend the book – Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene. It elaborates the seduction techniques according to the type of seducer you are.

Honestly, women love solid men who can hold their ground. Well, I personally like to read a lot but at times it becomes difficult.

I recommend Audible to listen to awesome books and increase your knowledge. 

Knowledge is the new rich, arm yourself with it.  – Toni Payne.


How to attract women

What a women wants in you is to project your desires and intent.

What a woman wants

Apparently, men who don’t project their intent about their desires are the ones develop judgement and opinions.

I am sure most men have heard a woman say what do you want? I thought we were friends? Women are highly intuitive and instinctive based on their emotional feelings.

Stop fooling around with them because you are losing respect and your values.

Why do women have sex with men? They have sex with men because it makes them feel really good and they don’t do it out of charity.

They do it purely because of their self-interests. So, if you don’t know what she wants and desires and you can’t give it to her, you can’t possibly make her happy. Or get laid!!

Women are being categorised and slut-shamed.

What a woman wants

We all are so entwined with our own inhibitions, insecurities, fear and what we want. We just try to possess an indistinct object of a woman. 
We often forget that she has the same set of inhibitions, desires and fear. These are equally important for this amalgamation of men and women dynamics.

So, what a woman wants are just basic attributes like connection, depth in a relationship, to be listened and being special to someone.

They want a lot of emotional and sexual experiences.

Forget all your old beliefs and close mindedness especially about their sexual attributes.

I am also boggled and pretty exasperated with the social conditioning of most men and some women objectifying certain types of women.

Ever heard of the phrase, “I am not that kind of girl/woman” coming out of a woman mostly. What is this type they are referring to?

Really, what type of women are we talking about?

We are so conditioned to the idea of a good girl or some may call it marriage material woman who doesn’t involve in frequent sexual escapades.

A woman is allowed to have sex only trading that with being in a relationship or in marriage.

Don’t judge a woman.

Women who experience their sexuality with some arbitrary number of men or above are considered as bad or worst sluts.

Their value proposition is justified or defined on their sexual virtue. In reality, they are just women wanting different things from different parts of life.

So if you hear a woman say “I am not that kind of girl”, you should just be aware of weather you have sex with her or not is completely irrelevant in correlation to your judgement of her as a person.

This topic is enormous and no one can entirely know what every woman on this planet want.

I am still continuously surprised, mesmerised and baffled with the range of emotional layers and challenges thrown at me which makes it even more interesting.

But really, you will be at ease with yourself and offer a lot more value to a woman once you are aware. 

Make a woman feel special and desired and she will offer you experiences you have never even thought were possible.

How to attract women

I hope this article help you in attracting more women and have an awesome dating life.

Feel free to comment for any questions you may have.

Happy Hunting!

Nishant R. 



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