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9 relationship mistakes of your dating life!

 9 major mistakes of your dating life | Relationship Mistakes to avoid.

On the basis of an extensive research and feedback from a lot of women, I am glad to mention 9 major relationship mistakes to avoid to be better with women.

Ever heard of the term “Learn from your mistakes”? I am sure you must have experienced feeling of resentment in your dating life and relationships multiple times.

You have definitely pondered about why she is behaving differently, why she is not responding to your calls or texts and what does she mean when she says “I am not that kind of girl?

A man who is good with women knows his game and strategies well but he’s more indulged in understanding and rectifying his mistakes to be exceptional.

You need to know what strategies and characteristics you need to develop to be good with women.  

It’s important that you understand the relationship mistakes you in order to be successful in your dating life.

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We all make silly relationship mistakes mistakes in our dating life and feel dejected once in our lifetime. Here are 9 dating and relationship mistakes to avoid.

Hoping and waiting for love is the biggest relationship mistakes to avoid.

We all love romantic movies and the idea of finding “the special one” who’s destined to be in our life.

This idea of love has been glorified in the movies so much that men and woman have developed a belief of waiting for “the one”.

Love is a beautiful thing and it can happen any moment but not unless you take action.

In reality, waiting and hoping that someone will magically turn up into your life and fulfil all your dreams doesn’t happen that often.

Even if it happens somehow, you are blissfully ignorant about your own desires and interests.

You would never know what you really want in your woman, unless you explore the vast potential of amazing emotional and sexual experiences with a number of women.

Hoping and waiting is a big relationship mistake that you must avoid! Just go and get what you what.

I highly recommend you to read the book How To Avoid Making The Big Relationship Mistakes! By Nigel Beckles breaks it down in a simple approach.

As a relationship specialist, Beckles brings a wealth of knowledge to the subject.


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Relationship Mistakes

Relationship mistake of being a perfectionist

The idea of being perfect is another detrimental mistake in your dating life. It doesn’t leave any opportunity for an idea of betterment or improvement.

In seduction, the idea of perfectionism is the worst thing you can do!

Making mistakes and learning from them to be better will lead you to really good with women.

If you have a mind-set of perfecting everything, you are paving your way towards self-diminishing thoughts, self-criticism and self-doubt.

How would you deal with stern rejections from girls when you thought everything you did was perfect?

You might also develop negative motivational thoughts before you take any action.

Don’t talk yourself down thinking that “I am not good enough or I am not perfect” instead look at seduction as a process.

You need to operate from the mind-set of “I am going to do my best and let’s see”. Enjoy the process more than expecting the end result.

Don’t make the mistake of being a perfectionist in your dating.

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Being a good friend.

Ohh! This is one of my favourites. This is one technique most men have tried including me and have failed miserably.

This trap of appeasing and accommodating a woman trying to seduce her for sex, doesn’t really work. We have all done this mistake in our dating life at least once.

The idea behind this is that being really accommodating, understanding, and listening to a woman whining about a bad boyfriend makes him a better human being who is sensitive and nice.

She will someday understand his values and shower him with all the love he deserves.

A women is smart enough to categorise men and their archetypes. 

In reality, a woman is attracted to a man very fast or not attracted at all.

A woman is smart enough to categorise men in 3 major categories, a friend, a sexual prospect or a non-relevant sleazy and low value person.

A woman doesn’t see a friend as a sexual prospect. She is not intimidated or challenged enough emotionally, psychologically or sexually at all to be attracted.

However, It can occasionally happen sometimes but you need to consider actions that consistently work.

If you you continue the relationship mistake of trying to being a friend, you might wait days or month’s even years at times hoping and waiting to get that woman.

Whereas, that woman has already considered you a friend within the first few interactions.

You can only get friend zoned if you allow yourself to be her friend. Period!!

If you are currently in this situation, the best thing you can do is just be a real good friend for her and a real good friend can actually work as a wing woman for you. She can help you get a lot of girls.

Approach more women and have an abundance in life that gives you a real chance to understand what values you are looking for in a woman.

You will only then understand what you can really offer a woman. 

make out with a girl

Relationship Mistakes

Indelicate sexual intent (Verbal or Physical)

It’s the complete opposite of a super nice and friendly guy trying hard to seduce a friend.

It’s the guy who shows absolute direct sexual intent verbally or physically. 

Owning your sexual desires and projecting it to a women is imperative, however, it certainly has to be shown in a pragmatic manner.

The best ways to do so is usually with eye contact, gentle touches and creating sexual tensions.

A blunt sexual intent or comment would fail a hundred times even if you look like a Greek god.

Although, the woman might want to have sex with you given a chance but she’s aware of being slut shamed and judged a numerous times. 

Women operate through signals and subtlety. They want smart men to understand their indicators of interests and lead them to something magical.

A man usually does it out of frustration derived from the dissatisfaction of being a nice guy.

He tries so hard all the time to build some sort of sex credit pretending to be a nice friendly person.

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Friend circle with a diminishing mind-set

You tend to operate or behave on the same level similar to the 5 people you spend your time around.

You are set to diminish your value system and self-confidence if your primary friends are negative thinkers. People who think negative about themselves or enjoy beating and making fun of each other down.

It’s further more detrimental if your friends have a narrow mind-set about women and who find women as an object of adversary.

Friends who think that women don’t have equal intellectual intelligence and have to always operate under male dominance. 

Most importantly, men who feel that women don’t have the right to experience their sexuality as and when they want, unless they are married or in a socially accepted relationship.

I am not saying that you can’t have friends with different thought process. You will have to deal and interact with people from different societies and cultures.

However, it’s vitally important that you spend more time with people with more positive and progressive frame of mind especially if you want to be good in your dating life.  


Bulk approach

Shooting Ducks (Approaching in Bulk)

Ever played the computer game where you just keep on shooting ducks without approaching any challenges at all. This happens when you are approaching more than 10-15 girls in a day.

Hence, just approaching in bulk without analysing or understanding the mistakes and areas of improvement will be seriously damaging.

The basic principle of approaching someone is to have a conversation, followed by exchanging numbers and setting up dates. Isn’t it? 

If you are operating from a mind-set just to bang on a set number of approaches per day, you will not be able to burn through dozens of rejections and failed approaches.

Most importantly, you are not giving enough importance to that one approach with all your awareness and dedication to it. You will only see approaches and women as numbers.

Trust me, it is not a very healthy way in getting good with women. 

This is one the relationship mistakes you tend to do when you start meeting more women.

So, don’t be robotic with your approaches and be aware and present in the moment with that woman.

Closed Mind-set or negative viewpoint

Most people often consider themselves as open-minded as a virtue. They don’t really know what that means.

It’s rather a deep concept of critically analysing and evaluating the beliefs and social conditioning.

In fact, you have been instilled with deep beliefs and social conditioning which you need to challenge with new beliefs and understanding.

In seduction, it’s really important to be open minded. Open mindedness is a nice concept, however, it will not really help you unless you explore and understand new beliefs and challenge some of your old beliefs.

Sadly, when it comes to our beliefs about a woman’s sexuality, I think most people including a lot of women are still socially conditioned to categorise women as good or bad.

The categorisation majorly depends on their sexual virtues which really messes up the way we perceive women in general.

fuck buddy

It is really hard for most men to accept the fact that a woman has multiple layers of emotional and sexual desires.

That she can have sexual encounters not because she was tricked to bed but she actually wanted to experience new things. 

A woman can have crazy sexual fantasies far beyond the understanding of an average man.

Therefore, don’t make the relationship mistakes of judging and categorising women based on their sexual attributes.

Have the curiosity to understand the dynamics of a woman.

Don't judge

Relationship mistake of Compromising or settling.

You have to compromise a lot to have a lovely relationship. Wrong!

How many friends and relatives have you known whining and complaining about how dissatisfied they are? 

How many times have you thought about ending a relationship yet just sticking up with it for the sake of “I love her” Or “She loves me”?

The point is about settling and compromising with a woman in a shitty relationship for a very long time.

In fact, this is something many men will do, just hook up with a girl out of the limited number of options in their social circle

Due to limited number of girls in your social circle, you finally find someone to be in a relationship with and stay in that relationship for a very long time.

The true underlying fact is that you are working out of scarcity and you don’t have an abundance of woman in your life. 

Men get settled and compromise in bad relationships primarily for sex. In reality, sex will not be great, if there’s no connection, passion, intensity and respect for each other.

Ideally, it’s really important to explore your own interests and value system.

You should experience the real dynamics of a relationship based on mutual respect, passion, intensity, sexual compatibility and a lot more.

To understand these dynamics, you need to understand women and for that you need to meet a lot of them.

There you go, the 9 dating and relation mistakes to avoid and have a better life.

To have a broader perspective about seduction as a process, you need to understand what women really want from men?


I hope this article will enhance your perspective on seduction and will give you amazing dating experiences.

Feel free to comment in case of any questions you may have.

Happy hunting!

Nishant R.


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