Please a man without sex

How to please a man without sex | 4 ways to please a man without intercourse!

Well, seems quite tedious to please a man without sex. Isn’t it? Apparently, men are renowned to be satisfied only with intercourse.

That’s not entirely true! Men equally enjoy the playfulness and the game of sex as women do.

At times, it becomes difficult for you please your man sexually even when you want to. There could be many reasons like medical or health reasons, menstruation, testing sexual chemistry etc.

However, you need to focus being creating and trying new activities with each other to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

You see, the level of curiosity and anticipation dries up after a long-term relationship. Since, you have already had intercourse and explored each other’s body.

There’s one way to bring that back!

Just the idea of intimacy without sex rekindles curiosity and anticipation and makes intercourse a forbidden indulgence.

Hence, if you obey the no intercourse rule, you will feel like horny teenagers and go as close as possible before breaking.

As a result of which, you both will experience the fun of driving each other right to the edge of the breaking point. But, the rule is “do everything except intercourse”.

More importantly, this can be absolutely great even when you are single and trying to sexual compatibility with someone you haven’t slept with. Yet!!

I mean just imagine the level of happiness and self confidence you can attain if you can make any man worship you.

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Here are the 4 ways to please a man without sex.

Intrigue his subconscious and introduce intimacy without intercourse

Thinking about sex before actually doing it is much more fun and instigates a lot more passion.

Start with dirty texting. You can keep him sexually interested in you forever if you learn the ways of irresistible texting.

Honestly, dirty texting is an art and you can do much better than him. You just have learn how a man’s mind work.

Please a man without sex

So, here’s an example of a text conversation flow. Just remember, you have to only build an image of what might happen but not the entire picture.

Don’t have sex on chat. It’s kills the intimacy and fun out of it.

You : Let’s play a game tonight, you are going to love. I will explain later 😉

Him : A game, what’s that. I am curious.

You : Well, you will feel like 19 again!

Him : Ohhh! That seems interesting. What game is it?

You :  I plan to give you an awesome experience. But, there’s just one rule to follow.

Him : What rule? What kinda game are you talking about?

You : I will tell you everything when you come back home. Now, concentrate on your work and stop dreaming about me 😉

This text will definitely bring a smile on his face and entice him for the game he has to play.

He’s probably going to ask you about the game right after he gets home. Explain him the rule.

He can do anything he wants to do but he can’t go below your waist.

And you can do whatever you want to his entire body. The only rule is that “you can’t have intercourse’

Please a man without sex

Make Out

Honestly, there’s no alternative to start with a hot and spicy make out session to make intimacy without intercourse idea work.

You see, men are drawn towards the imagination and visual stimulation of a hot and stereotypical female character.

That’s why they are so interested in pornography where they satisfy their stimulus of watching an imaginative female character having sex.

You can turn yourself into a character with an outfit or a specific hairdo if you like. However, that’s not that important to enjoy the process of love making.

Focus on kissing predominantly. Soft, passionate, sweet and bite (if you both enjoy). Don’t underestimate the fun of a great make out.

You are the captain of the game as you can do everything you want to with his body.

Hence, you should also know where exactly you should touch a man. You should explore some specific areas to pay attention to please a man without sex.

The Foreskin

“The foreskin is packed with nerve endings and stimulating the thin skin in this area lends a highly pleasurable experience,” says Mia Sabat, sex therapist at Emjoy.

Tip : You can use a combination of your hand, lips and tongue to manoeuvre the skin up and down.

Ear Lobes

Ohhh! That can make him go crazy. It’s an underrated sensitive area which gets neglected throughout all the love making.

Trust me, your man will be so close to lose control if you do it perfectly.

Tip : It works best when he is not anticipating it. You can best do it while talking casually or just giving him a peck or two. Surprise him by slowly tilting his head and just sort of biting (use your lips and just a bit of teeth) his ear lobes. See the sensation runs though his body. Stop, look into his eyes and smirk.

Chest And Nipples

That’s his department to caress and play with. Yes I get it!

In reality, a man’s chest and nipples are his erogenous zones if you know what to do with them.

Male nipples are basically the same as yours, however, they might be more sensitive than yours since men aren’t used to the sensation of the touch that often.

“For a lot of men, their nipples are uncharted territory—an erogenous zone they haven’t experimented with,” explains Patti Britton, PhD, a Los Angeles–based clinical sexologist and author of the The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage.

Tip : Start kissing his ear lobes followed by neck slowly building the sexual tension and finally his chest and nipples. Lick on his nipples and suck on them (don’t use your teeth) very gently and sensually. The key here is to be slow and gentle and always stop and pause to look into his eyes with a smirk on your face telling him that you know he likes it.

Front And Back Of His Neck

Again, a female dominated erogenous zone. Yet, you will be surprised to know that it’s as sensitive as yours.

Tip : Keep your tongue flat but mellow, don’t put too much pressure. Such on the entire area (Adam’s apple) and then just below the ear lobes. You have to be gentle yet sucking the skin softly. (No teeth please).

Lower Stomach

This is a nerve filled area just above their pubic bone or genitals. Show some extra love here and he will be mesmerised.

Honestly, there are a lot of other things you can do to please a man without sex.

If you are serious in attracting men and keep them interested in you forever…..

“Use this little-known sequences of words to make any man obsess over you.”

Don’t Lose Yourself. Mind The Rule.

Well, you are bound to get aroused and take off your clothes.

His hands, mouth or other body parts may venture very close to the forbidden zone. Move him or change to a different activity.

Let’s say he’s playing with your boobs or stomach and starts touching below your waist, just grab his hands and move it to your boobs.

You have to be subtle and playful while denying him to touch on your vagina.

You can something along the lines of –

Don’t try to be naughty, my upper body is your only playground tonight.

No, my love. Don’t break the rule.

Play with my tits, my vagina is forbidden for tonight.

As a matter of fact, a woman can have orgasm just from nipple stimulation.

Even if you can’t reach the orgasm, don’t worry, this is not about reaching your ultimate of cumming.

Devotion System

Oral Sex

There’s a reason why oral sex is so much important for a satisfied and happy relationship.

Yes I know, you like to receive it more than giving it. However, performing oral sex properly to a man is a perfect opportunity to give him an out-of-this world experience.


In this last step, you can go a little further and let him touch your vagina or let him eat you.

You see, giving a perfect and most satisfying oral to him is an art. It’s not just about sucking and stroking his dick.

By now, you already know that men like the constant tease and the sexual tension you build through several activities. (As explained above).

Let me help you learn to give a perfect blow job or hand job that will please him way more than intercourse. Perfecting a blow job is a sure shot thing to please a man without sex.

But first, you need to know a few more erogenous zones to play with before taking his shaft in your mouth.

Inner Thigh

Since this area is so close to the groin, just taking your mouth to that area will rise his anticipation about what’s next.

Tip : Just take your time to caress his inner thighs starting with your soft hands. You can kiss or lick his inner thighs and stop right before you reach the groin area. I can’t stress enough the importance of that eye contact and a little smirk.

 His Groin Area

  This is again the closest area to his penis. There are various nerve endings that will surely get your partner satisfied and asking for more if you can tease and play.

Tip : Start touching his groin with your finger with his underwear on. Remove the underwear and start kissing, licking and teasing his groin to make him anticipate more.

The End Of His Penis

Rub the end of his shaft with your fingers and palm before holding his penis.

There are again nerve endings packed to give him a pleasure when you touch that area.

Tip : Lick and suck gently on the end of his penis. Hold his balls very gently for a swift moment and continue touching the end of his penis.

His Testicles

Perhaps, the most pleasurable and sensitive area of a man. It’s flooded with rich nerves if touched or caressed can give immense pleasure to him.

Tip : Hold his balls in your hand and rub very softly. Remember, this is very sensitive and can hurt him if you put pressure. Use your tongue and lips to lick and suck (softly) on his balls and see how he squeals.

Scrotum Raphe And Perineum Raphe

That’s a thin line joining his penis with his anus downwards. You can find that just below his balls touching his anus.

Tip : Grab his balls in your hand, lower your face and just use your lips and tongue to tease that area. This organ has major orgasmic power and it can drive him to the brink with just a few strokes. This activity will definitely please a man without sex.

 His Penis

How can we forget that! Finally, you are ready to blow his mind with an amazing hand job and blow job.

You know, the head of the penis is the most sensitive part of his entire penis. Honestly, it’s quite tricky to manage the right level of pressure to give the most pleasurable feeling.

Tip : Ever heard about the lipstick kiss? You just have to hold his penis with your fingers, soften your lips and just open a bit to give it a peck. (Make sure your lips are wet). You can then lick very softy with your moist tongue in circular motion around the head. Finally, once he’s all jumpy and moany, you can put that inside your mouth and start sucking it softly. (No, teeth and your mouth should be wet).

I would highly recommend a book called Superior Seductress which breaks down simple ways to attract any man you desire.

There you go. 4 ways to please a man without sex!

I will stop here and I believe you now have a fair idea about how you can satisfy a man without the “in thing”.

But seriously, won’t it be so satisfying and fulfilling if you can do or say a certain things which can make any man worship you????

Check out this video to find out!!!

Happy Hunting…

Nishant R.

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