Art of fearless seduction

How to seduce women: The art of fearless seduction

How to seduce women with the art of fearless seduction! Apparently, it’s one the most important aspect for a happy and successful dating life.

Honestly, fear is the biggest enemy of all that hinders success and contentment in any field.

Perhaps, even more prominently so in dating and attracting women.

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Women love men who are fearless:

Relationship mistakes

You all have that one guy in your group who’s an absolute “I don’t give a damn” type. Most of the times he seems arrogant and disrespecting towards women.

However, he’s the one getting all the attention from women around and is dating more frequently than you.

He knows the importance of fearless seduction and he does not wait and hope.

Do you know why? Simply because he doesn’t have the fear of losing out and he knows how to handle objections put by women.

Actually, it’s that raw fearless energy that makes him too oblivious of being judged or devalued as a man.

I highly recommend the book – Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene. It elaborates the seduction techniques according to the type of seducer you are.

 Why do you have so much fear?


Have you ever heard of the mindset/business coach David Neagle? He once said something really important in a coaching session about “the curse of the middle class”.

What does a middle class man say, get a good job, prepare for your retirement. Marry a nice girl, and don’t rock the boat.

Make out with a girl

Chose to be uncomfortable.

Apparently, whatever you are going to do in life that challenges your “middle class” approach will need you to step into fear and tension.

Moreover, it will automatically force you to get out of your comfort zone.

Hence, men are too scared to take up the challenge and face the fear.

This is where men lose to fulfil the purpose of life.

You need to learn to be uncomfortable to have an easy life. But, if you chose to live an easy life, you will always be uncomfortable.

Fearless seduction can only happen if you can put yourself to tension over and over again.

The nature of growth is based on putting yourself through the tension and emerge victorious.

In fact, a sperm goes through a competitive process of spermatozoa of two or more different males to fertilise the same egg.

So, you won’t be successful in your dating life without experiencing any tension or facing the fear of rejection.

Therefore, there’s is absolutely no perfect formula or technique without stepping into tension and facing your fears that you are going to get good with women.

Develop a relation to tension and fear.

It’s very important to understand the balance of building a relation to your fear and tension. 

You will not be successful if you put yourself all into tension without really connecting with the underlying emotions.

This is one of the reasons you get rejected over and over again when you approach too many women without any emotional connection at all.

You see, a women can instantly feel your energy when you approach them.

So, if you just take too much tension and don’t know how to relatively release it, the whole dynamics of the seduction process goes for a toss.

 You are born to attract women

Attract women sexually

Yes, that’s correct. I remember a physics lesson called “Laws of polarity” which means everything is dual and everything has its pair of opposite. How does it relate to seducing women?

Well, men are built to be solid and grounded. You are built to be masculine and attract the opposite that is feminine.

You are born with masculine energy to attract and pull the feminine energy.

Above all, you have a natural ability to attract the opposite sex if you put yourself into tension and be fearless about something that you are designed to do.

Well, it’s about getting rid of all the negative thoughts that’s pulling you from naturally attracting and polarising all the feminine energy towards you.

Be dominant in a purposeful way!

I asked a question to a lot of guys which was, “where do you feel the tension when you talk to a woman”?

Almost 80% said their head, and the rest said it’s the restless feeling in the gut.

You know what, the restless feeling in the gut carried on with a fearless approach is what you want to do.

Eventually, that’s what is going to separate you from the others.

That’s when you will be able to practice fearless seduction after testing yourself time and again.

Create Instant attraction when approaching a woman.

Your ability to stay present in the moment and absorb all the tension and fear is what you need.

The key is to approach with your heart without thinking too much about the end result.

Woman can sense if your approach has any emotional value or just another random number game.

Honestly, the only reason you are not getting good with women even after approaching a lot of them is because you are too worried about the end result.

Your mind is too occupied thinking about “what if she rejects me”? What should I do to approach and sweep her off her feet?

Well, there’s no perfect approach strategy and if someone says there’s, he’s lying. The idea is fairly simple:

  1. You liked a girl and you want to know more about her.  
  2. You are an interesting and curious man who has a lot of values to offer a woman.

Moreover, if you are just present in the moment and fearless about overall approach towards life, you will see things happening for you.

Check out this video if you really want to evolve as a natural seducer and attract any girl you want.

I hope you will take a few tips from here and apply in your dating life. In case of any questions, please free to comment or write me back at

Happy Hunting!

Nishant R.

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