10 attributes to keep him interested

How to keep him interested in you | 10 Attributes you should have!

How to keep him interested in you is a quintessential question for a woman looking to build a romantic relationship with a man.

Passion, intensity and interest in each other is what keeps a relationship alive.

You see, men are psychologically driven to be competitive. A man will eventually lose interest on something that he can get too easily. 

It’s important to understand a man’s psychology to know how to attract a guy and keep him interested in you.

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Check out these tips and ways you can inculcate that will keep him interested in you.


Love Yourself and keep him interested:


You can only keep him interested in you if you love yourself.  

Perhaps, the most important attribute every individual should have.

It’s really simple, if you don’t love yourself, don’t expect someone else to love you back.

Many psychologists would recommend you to change your lifestyle, have a positive approach towards life and keep yourself busy with interesting things.

Keep Him Interested in You

Well, all very important aspects by the way. Essentially, loving yourself is a subtle change in your perspective about how you look at things.

It’s about being present in the moment and telling yourself that nothing really matters more than yourself. Although, just be mindful of the fact, that there’s a thin line between being proud and being self-centred.

I would highly recommend a book called Superior Seductress which breaks down simple ways of how to attract the man you desire.

Loving yourself exudes self-confidence and pride. This demonstrates your value and being worthy to your guy for his prolonged interest in you.

Keep Evolving:

You must have heard or read that evolution is a continuous process for growth and development.

You might have attracted him with your beauty or elegance initially, however, the same strengths will become stagnant and boring for him later.

Find new things to develop your skills and overall perspective towards being a happy woman.

Challenge your personality. Pursue a new hobby and gauge his interests in relation to it.

Inspire him to participate in trying new things. Things he might have wanted to do when he was young.

You will have his respect for being a strong woman and he will be interested in you and your endeavours.

A man will always have a psychological drive to get motivated with new challenges.

You will keep him interested in you with your individuality and the power of a strong perspective towards life.

Be honest and vocal:


Real men don’t manipulate. Yes, correct. They also don’t like to be manipulated.

Don’t play with words. You see, attraction is fairly simple when you understand the dynamics of it.

You don’t have to pretend to understand things when you don’t. Don’t be just nice and dodge a question or situation.


Instead, open up and talk. You have a mind of your own and a different set of perspectives.

If you like something about him, appreciate. If you don’t, just express and discuss.

Sure, be curious and contagious with your ever evolving personality. But, be considerate. Give him a break and be open to listen to his story.

Try to always have a problem solving perspective. Your honest and straight forward attitude will keep him interested in you forever. Apparently, a man never wants to lose a woman with values.

Devotion System


Laughing together is how you keep a guy happy:-

What an amazing experience this is! A happy couple laughing together is a treat to watch.

They say, make a woman laugh to keep her interested. True, but if you can make a man laugh with you, that’s unbeatable.

Honestly, men are distraught most of the time due to their work and ambitions.

Just imagine how important you will be in his life if you can bring in some joy and fun.

Be Spontaneous! Plan some fun stuff to do and surprise him.

Tip: Plan something really fun for just 1 day every fortnight. (Every week might get monotonous after a while).

He will always want to get back to you to feel good and important.

Your mere sight is good enough to boost the dopamine levels in his mind.

The connection you build when you laugh together will have a deep impact on his life.

This is one attribute that will keep him wanting you forever.

Be his best buddy in the group:

“When the character of a man is not clear to you. Look at his friends.”

A man is the impression of the people he is surrounded with. It’s really important for you to know about his friends.

You can explore a lot about his personality from his friends. Take initiatives in inviting his friends occasionally.

Just keep it simple and fun loving. Get to know all his friends and their perspective towards life.

Tip: Don’t ask direct questions about him. Instead, learn about his experiences with them.

This will give you a good insight about his personality and demeanour.

Really, be genuinely involved in the conversation and the fun games. If you can initiate discussions around interesting topics, even better.

Be his partner in crime and let him gradually consider you as his buddy. Find his interests and things he likes to do for fun.

Even if it means playing computer games. You wouldn’t know if you like something, unless you do it.

 Essentially, he will feel more comfortable discussing complicated aspects with you.

This will help you make him feel special and will keep him interested in you.

Make him worship you

Love and respect his family: Your value will keep him interested.

Men are very close to their family, especially to their mothers.

Honestly, the man you like so much was raised with love and affection by his parents.

The values you adore in him, were instilled by his elders. He was actually equipped psychologically to handle difficult situations at a very early age.

Trust me, he craves to have a partner who can love and respect his family members.

To win them over, all you need to do is thank them genuinely for raising a great human being like him.

Tip: Just lower down your guard and talk about their achievements and hardships in life. Appreciate their efforts in raising him to be the man he is.

Eventually, you will be the go to person for his family whenever they have something important to talk about.

You will be astonished to see how you will become an integral part of his life. He wouldn’t want to lose you ever and will keep loving you.

Be Strong Yet Vulnerable:

Don’t worry! You can be strong and vulnerable at the same time. These are great qualities in an individual.

You are a strong and independent woman when it comes to handling perplexed situations yourself.

Yet, you are vulnerable and dependent about a certain things which you would want him to take care of.

Well, this actually gives him a sense of assurance about your strength to handle situations yourself.

Moreover, he will acknowledge his responsibility towards important matters that needs his involvement.

Keep him on his toes:

The fact is, the core psychological drive for men to strive ahead is competition.

Men are not egoistic, they just like to be stroked sometimes.

Appreciate his achievements often but don’t be scared to challenge his ego. Moreover, Keep him on his toes to prove that he deserves you and you are worthy for him.

This works best when you challenge him on his sexual virtue. So, challenge him with some task and reward him with mind blowing sex.

Irresistible texting

Don’t be afraid of losing him:

It’s hard to think about losing your man. He can take you for granted if he knows that you fear too much of losing him.

You see, he will appreciate you more if you are strong enough to handle yourself in any situation.

The most important person in your life is yourself, so start loving and appreciating yourself.

Yes, you are considerate, passionate and understanding. You too have your limitations to what you want and what you don’t want in a relationship.

Setting up boundaries in a relationship is imperative to build respect for each other.

Seduce him to drive him crazy in bed.

Apparently, sexual compatibility and emotional connection are the two most important aspects of a successful relationship.

A bad sexual chemistry is the biggest reason for most broken relationships.

Whereas, a great sexual chemistry will resolve a lot of issues. In fact, you release a ton of dopamine when you experience good sex.

So, when you are happy, you tend to talk with more ease and comfort, hence, you can resolve most issues while talking to your partner after having awesome sex.

So, spice up your sex life and keep your man happy in bed.

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I hope this article helps you in winning over your guy. Please feel free to comment in case of any questions you may have.


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