How to be more attractive

How to be more attractive | 7 tips and ways to be instantly attractive.

We all wonder about how to be more attractive. Our basic understanding about attraction revolves around physical attributes of a person.

Attraction is not a choice. It’s an attitude!

We can certainly get attracted to someone physically, however, we are predominantly driven to their passion, confidence and positive energy they exude.

Attraction is not only about finding an attractive man or a woman for a romantic relationship, but we are also attracted to

  • be associated with certain people at work
  • be around friends who have positive approach towards life
  • a certain place or location or even ideas

Essentially, attraction is all about a stimulation that intrigues or motivates people.

So, if you want people to like you, if you want people to chase you, if you want to be instantly attractive, you need to learn The Laws of Attraction.

How to be more attractive to people? Here are 7 tips and ways to be more attractive.

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How to be more attractive

Love yourself to be more attractive:

“Your relationship with yourself dictates all the other relationships”

You exude enormous amount of confidence and self-esteem when you love yourself.

This demonstrates your value and being worthy to other people.

It’s really simple, if you don’t love yourself, don’t expect someone else to love you back.

Many psychologists would recommend you to change your lifestyle, have a positive approach towards life and keep yourself busy with interesting things.

Well, all very important aspects by the way. Essentially, loving yourself is a subtle change in your perspective about how you look at things.

So, be present in the moment and tell yourself that nothing really matters more than yourself. You need to feel attractive to be more attractive.

If you are a female reading this, I highly recommend this book called Superior Seductress to understand how to become an attractive woman and seduce any man you desire.

For all the men out there, check-out the Art Of Seduction by Robert Greene.

It elaborates the seduction techniques according to the type of seducer you are.

Devotion System


don't fit in

Don’t fit in.

We are psychologically wired to some old beliefs that tells us to act or behave in a certain way that is socially acceptable.

Hence, we don’t really express what we feel even if we want. We pretend to be interesting but we actually act boring as we are afraid of being judged as “weird” or “different”.

You see, the fear of other’s perception is toxic for your happiness.

Don’t fear of expressing your feelings or thoughts just because you are not sure how the other person will perceive you.

People who are more attractive are ones who have “I don’t care” attitude. Yes, be considerate and don’t disrespect other’s opinion.

But, don’t be scared of expressing what you feel.

Learn to have fun in any situation and you don’t have to be too serious all the time.


Have an abundant mentality: be more attractive

Ever experienced that cringed feeling of losing someone, losing a job or just the feeling of not being enough?

That’s a pathetic feeling I know. What can I do get him/her back? What did I do wrong to be treated like that? These are experiences we all have at some point in our lives.

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Well, the reason behind it is seeking validation from others. After all, it’s human to feel important and loved.

Well, all you need to do is change your perspective. Abundance is not about possessions, it’s about the idea of having a variety of experiences.

Once you start thinking from an abundant view point, you will see the difference.

It’s vitally important in relationships to have an abundant mindset. It gives you the freedom to derive boundaries and understand what you want and what you don’t.

People with abundance do not expect end result. They always enjoy the journey instead of dwelling too much on the actual destination.

Hence, an abundance mindset will make you more attractive to people.


Eye Contact

A confident eye contact shows your intent. You become instantly attractive to people when you look them in the eye.

You can build connection with people when you make eye contact. In fact, you can project a lot of authority by just looking into someone without even saying anything.

Honestly, words don’t matter when you can express your feeling through eyes.

It’s actually more effective than a long conversation.

You will look more attractive when you make a confident eye contact.

Tip: If you want to seduce your partner, just make an eye contact triangle and see how he/she reacts.

(Look into the left eye, then the right followed by the lips). It creates immense sexual tension without saying a single word.

How to be more attractive

Stay away from appeasement.

Perhaps, one of most hurtful things you can do to others. Saying a few words just to make someone happy doesn’t do any good to either of you.

You don’t have to pretend to be nice if you don’t feel nice. You see, we have all done this some way or the other. We have said good things about somebody without meaning a single word just to make him/her feel good.

Nobody is perfect and we get that. Instead of appeasing people, we should be honest about their flaws and vulnerability.

Essentially, it builds trust for you in the eyes of the other person. People will value your opinion and honesty.

You will be far more attractive and you will attract people with your virtues.

Don’t fear your judgment.

It’s not about judging someone on their characteristics. It’s about the emotional feeling you have about a certain situation or a person.

You see, you might have an opinion which can challenge some old thoughts derived from social conditioning.  Don’t be afraid of putting your thoughts in front of people just because they might not approve.

Honestly, that’s the point. You don’t need someone’s approval to justify your thoughts. As long as you are not discriminating or writing off the existence of morality.

This power of putting your thoughts without the fear of being judged or accepted will help you to be more attractive.

Side note: Avoid trash talking about topics that doesn’t affect your life in a productive way. You will be better off listening in case you don’t have much to say about a certain things.

Be Helpful to be more attractive.

We live in the world of material aspirations. In the midst of achieving everything in life, we have forgotten the power of sharing.

You see, one of the prominent reasons for dissatisfaction in life is that we have stopped appreciating what we are blessed with.

We are too engrossed in expecting things beyond the basics.

Try helping somebody and you will feel change. It doesn’t have to be a monetary help. You can help someone just by sharing your emotions, your knowledge, your time and your efforts.

You can be instantly more attractive if you are a genuinely helpful person.

Side note: Don’t let anyone take advantage of you just because you are kind and helpful. Be firm and direct when you feel you have to decline or say no to something you don’t feel right.

I hope this articles helps you in understanding the attributes that makes you more attractive.

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