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9 ways of how to attract women.

How to attract women is a question constantly bothers almost every average frustrated man in his dating life.

Here are 9 seduction tools that will help you understand how to attract women more naturally.

I have been asked this one question almost every time in a session or between conversations about seduction in general. How to attract women?

Honestly, I am not in love with this term technique that much. It seems like a monotonous action that people tend to practice and master overtime to be good at something.

Certainly there are some technical aspects that may give you the edge over an average frustrated chump.

Seduction for me is an art you can be really good at over a long period of time and with a lot of practice. Master this here!!

It’s more about some psychological attributes and behavioural patterns towards seduction as a process.

Here are some important aspect and tips you can learn to be naturally good with women and attract beautiful women in your life.

You will learn how to be an attractive man and be naturally good with women. What makes any woman feel sexually attracted to a man.

Finally, how you can have a great relationship with a woman that you have always deserved.

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Being Curious

One of the most important traits of how to attract women is to being curious.

Curiosity is that one drive and a significant force that eradicates your biggest apprehensions and insecurities.

It may seem like a strange one to start with but I feel like it’s the most important element of a man who is really good with women.

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Therefore, having curiosity in general about life and more specifically about people and women will make you really interesting.

Men I know who are good with women are not who just increase the number of women they date.

These are men with real interests and curiosity in the emotional and physical dynamics of a woman.

Above all, you are really going to miss the mesmerising world of experiences a woman has to offer if you only think of a woman as an object to obtain and conquer.

You might get a little success in dating when you have met a number of women in a set course of time.

It’s quite easy to then generalise and categorise a woman in very early stages of dating and repeating the same old game with other women. 

The range of emotional and sexual attributes a woman has will really surprise you if you are honestly curious about her.

I highly recommend the book – Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene. It elaborates the seduction techniques according to the type of seducer you are.

How to attract women


This curiosity builds the real connection and passion between two people sharing amazing emotional and sexual experiences.

How to attract women


Calm your mind

A peaceful mind with an ability to focus on effective things is paramount for happiness.

The majority of thoughts running around your mind don’t really serve you any good. 

It’s vitally important to learn the skills which eradicate all the ineffective thoughts and diverting them to focus on something effective.

In seduction, a peaceful mind is even more crucial to help you to be more aware and present in the moment when you are with a woman. 

You will face a lot of stern rejections from women that might force you to self-doubt about your value system and it’s detrimental.

Ever experienced the anxiety or the fear of rejection trying to talk to a beautiful girl and just could not keep the calm and composure.

You just don’t have enough confidence to approach that girl because you give-in to the mental block.

The fear of rejection, the insecurities and the self-doubt is what you experience when you try to approach a girl.

A calm mind will help you not to react with impulse when you talk to a girl.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter too much what you say but how you make her feel is more important.

Check out this video to find the very powerful tool that enables you to relax, focus and abstain from getting carried away. 

It keeps you calm from the entire emotional and external stimulus that bothers you. 

You don’t have to necessarily follow a guru or pay heaps amount of money to learn that. 

Just take out 15-20 minutes every day and try Vipassana which is a popular meditation technique.

You can actually meditate throughout your daily work life too by just focusing on your breathing and shutting off external thoughts momentarily.

For instance, try breathing in with your nose and breathe out from your mouth slowly. 

A calm and non-reactive attitude will take you long in the quest of how to attract women.

Knowledge is the new rich, arm yourself with it.  – Toni Payne.

I recommend listening amazing life altering books and authors on Audible. 



It’s quite important to have flexibility in your logistics.

How would you date more women when you don’t have enough access to meet them?

You have to live in a place where you have access to a lot of women and it’s easy for you to date more women.

How easy would it be to simply walk or take a small ride to your home with a woman.

You can invite her for an after party or a simple homemade dinner. You might end up spending a lot of money on hotel rooms if you are dating multiple women. 

Honestly, it’s very uncomfortable for most women to go into a hotel room instead of experiencing comfortable moments in a house. 

I am really attracted towards self-dependent women living on their own. It makes them much more intellectually interesting and gives them a lot more validation as independent women.

Secondly, it increases the level of intimacy to a greater proportionate as they are more accessible and wouldn’t mind taking you home.

A good sense of logistics and awareness of the woman’s indications is how to attract women into sex.

How to attract women 

Sense of Style

You must have heard that your sense of style and attitude is important in how to attract a woman.

Having a good sense of style can massively improve your dating life.

There is a reason for dress codes in the society as it defines the archetype of a man.

Moreover, a man who projects the way he perceives himself and his sexuality is very attractive.

I have heard this many times from men saying a woman should accept a man the way he is and it’s kind of shallow. 

How do you perceive a woman as sexy or hot? Most men will say the appearance and her unique sense of style.

Well, it works the same way for women in the world of visual attraction. There is a difference between style and fashion.

You don’t have to be exceptionally good in fashion as it’s extremely volatile and too much work to do.

You just don’t need to be over boarded with fashion updates or imitating a famous personality that becomes a fashion trend.

However, just have a sense of your body type, colours & fabrics that go with your skin tone. You definitely need to be groomed is understood.

Your sense of style is largely dependent on the way you smell. It’s imperative that you smell good almost every time.

Not only because it’s attractive to women but also because it shows you care about yourself.

Trust me, a woman would not be with you for long no matter how good you are in seduction, if you don’t smell good.

You may want to try a few fragrances based on musk, citrus or chocolate.

They are the most common fragrances women get attracted to. Please have a deodorant in your bag at all times.      

Approaching Strangers 

Most men, practically almost none have approached strangers often just to strike up a conversation.

It’s evident that you will have to meet a lot of women if you really want to be good with them.

Moreover, it’s one of the most important skills you can develop in your life is the ability to approach strangers.

Yes, it seems strange and like a mind barrier to talk to a stranger especially a beautiful woman.

You will definitely have fear of rejection, self-doubt, and apprehensions initially which is very natural and understandable, however, the benefit of being able to do it naturally is absolutely life changing. 

It doesn’t matter what technique you learn or whatever opener/line you work upon.

You would never learn how to attract women if you can’t walk up to a girl and just say “hi”.

In reality, you won’t do it for a long-term and you will never really broaden your horizon and experience the process of seduction.

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Being Direct

It has been a matter of debate between most seduction communities ever since the inception of seduction.

Some believe that an indirect projection of interest is better than a direct projection of interest. 

I believe that directness is not some kind of opener or approach strategy but it’s just the attitude.

Don’t get me wrong.. it doesn’t mean that you say you want to have sex with a girl out loud.

However, you just show your intent and own it through your attitude and projection. 

It primarily means that you are aware of your desires and you are clear about your decision of saying yes or no and setting up boundaries for mutual respect.

It’s more about emphasising what you can or can’t put up with.

An effective male is always direct about his intent to obtain what he wants in life or don’t.

Being direct with women, doesn’t mean that you have to be vocal about your sexual desires.

A woman can sense and reciprocate to your intent by just looking into your eyes and the way you touch her. 

There’s nothing more attractive to a woman if you can make her feel special and desired.  

Of course, you can’t be a sociopath and ruin a woman’s personal space or comfort by being needy and an egocentric prick.

Being direct and owning your sexual intent is vitally important in how to attract women and have amazing sexual experiences.

How to attract women

Open Mindedness

Most people often consider themselves as open-minded as a virtue but they don’t really know what that means.

In other words, it’s rather a deep concept of critically analysing and evaluating the beliefs and social conditioning you have been instilled with.

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Moreover, challenging them with new beliefs and understanding.

One of the old beliefs and conditioning is that a woman will only have sex in an exchange of a relationship.

I think most people including a lot of women still have this belief deeply instilled. This mentality really messes up the way we perceive women in general.

It is really hard to accept that a woman has multiple layers of emotional and sexual desires.

She can have sexual encounters not because she was tricked to bed but she actually wanted to experience her sexuality. 

A woman can have crazy sexual fantasies which are far beyond the understanding of an average man.

Open mindedness is a nice concept. It will not really help you unless you change some of your old beliefs.

In conclusion, an open mindset will take you a long way in how to attract women as your judgement wouldn’t hinder. 

How to attract women

Sexual Excellency

There’s almost no other mastery that gives you enormous amount of self-confidence than being able to blow any woman’s mind in bed.

Trust me, if you are able to satisfy a woman on bed better than most average men, everything else is piece of cake.

I have known many men failing miserably in this end game of seduction.

In other words, you will fail in sexually satisfying a woman due to some underlying thoughts or fear majorly based on limited or no sexual experience.  

How to attract women

Sexual dissatisfaction is a prominent reason for failed relationships. I have known magnificent women abruptly behaving very emotionally disturbed at times.

They are usually misunderstood and being completely misjudged as a different person altogether.

On top of all the other challenges she usually has to face in her life, sexual dissatisfaction just kills it for her.

So, how to become excellent in sex or a sex master? Well, this is process of seduction.

Owning your sexual desires and bringing your sexual intent into your interaction with a woman straight from the beginning will lead you in this world of sex more often.

There are two things majorly drove me to my seduction journey.

1. It was my curiosity to understand the dynamics of a woman and her whole world.

2.  Most importantly, I was sexually interested in a woman and I wanted to tell her that she is really awesome. It’s that simple. 

Yes, the process of approaching a girl, great conversations, exchanging numbers, and following up with frequent dates are all important.

However, I have always got most success when I was clear with my sexual intent and I was never apologetic for having a sexual desire for a woman. (Not too direct, just subtle with eye contact, soft touches and a lot of sexual tension)

How to attract women

Indelicate sexual intent (Verbal or Physical)

It doesn’t mean that you have to be brutally direct and blunt in your interactions all the time.

However, it’s the underlying implication of the sexual chemistry two people must share.

These are subtle yet powerful things like eye contact triangle (look in own eye, then the other and towards the lips and repeat after sometime). 

Similarly, shaking a woman’s hand and holding it firm for a few seconds, sensual and soft touches on the shoulder.

Gentle touch on her lower back when you are guiding her to sit on a chair or may be crossing roads.

It’s an enormous area of discussion and a whole different product. The technical aspects of being a sexual master leading a man to become a great lover on bed is vast. 

Things like learning sexual skills, understanding female anatomy, mastering sexual talks are exceptional skills you can learn and master. 

If you really want to be good in bed, you should aim to be satisfying her more than yourself.

So, referring back to my first point, you have to be curios to learn every aspects of satisfying a woman emotionally and sexually first. 

This will automatically lead to your own satisfaction in the process.  In fact, you will not be good with women if you just want to get sex without having a curiosity to satisfy a woman.

In conclusion, your sexual excellence will be play a vital role in how to attract women.

How to attract women

Ask for feedback

Seems kind of strange isn’t it. However, the smartest people I know or admire are the ones who learn from their mistakes.

I am sure you have heard that many times, learn from your mistakes.

The reality in the world of seduction is that women are always trying to teach you to how seduce them.

Moreover, you have probably never realised that there are information and indication of all sorts that are presented to you. 

You just have to look for the indicators women through at you. Yes, women are attracted to you even when you are unaware.  

I was serious on approaching as many women as I possibly could when I initially started.

Yes, approaching women is important but I realised quickly that I wasn’t doing something right.

In fact, I started asking women what did I do wrong and I simply rectified them with better approaches and got better results.

Women will show you interests whenever you try to interact with them.

Actually, they are trying to give you all types of signals about their feelings and how you can reciprocate to them

A word of caution, please don’t get confused between asking a feedback and getting into a habit of asking for approval or validation.

A feedback is about your approach towards understanding a woman’s emotional and psychological being. 

It’s not about asking permission or validation that you tend to seek about your interests.

I am sure that be guns out on your seduction ride now and have awesome sexual and emotional experiences. 

If it was a fun read, check-out this video and find out the secret to become the bad ass of seduction.

Please feel free to comment below or write me at if you have any questions or suggestions.

Happy hunting!

Nishant R.s

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