Attract Women With Curiosity

How to attract women with Curiosity!

How to attract women! This is one aspect every man wants to learn to master in his dating life and relationships with women.

Here’s the biggest secret to attract a women and keep her for life!

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Curiosity is the biggest gun in your arsenal to win the game of seduction. 

You must have got a lot of dating advice, tips and tricks to attract women but you have probably never thought about Curiosity.

So, here’s what you need to know to notch up your game.

Every man I know who is good with women is endlessly curious about the deepest aspect of a woman.

Have you ever asked a woman what is it like to be a woman?

You will be astonished and mesmerised with the emotional spectrum of a woman’s personality and her demeanour.

This one question will instantly increase your internal value system and your understanding of a woman in her eyes.

How to be a more attractive man for a woman? Well, be curious about her.

Attract Women

Curiosity challenges your inhibitions.

Curiosity to understand the seduction process and how to attract women got me started in this journey of amazing experiences.

I had no clue what in earth to say to a woman to attract her. Only 2 major aspects which constantly pushed me.

  1. I loved women! In fact, I knew that unless I interact with them I wouldn’t know anything about their dynamics.
  2. Secondly, I always wanted to know what’s going in a woman’s mind and how I can be a part of her experiences in her life.

It’s imperative to have a mentor for you to successfully achieve your goals in every parts of your life.

In reality, my biggest mentor or mentors in seduction have always been women. I was always curious to understand the dynamics of women.

Moreover, I am always curious to understand their apprehensions, fears, attributes, deepest secrets.

I am curious to understand a million layers of emotional alterations women have according to certain situations or events.

Women are always trying to teach you how to seduce them. In fact, whenever you try to establish any kind of interaction with them, they will try to give you all types of lessons and signals.

You just need to be curious about their state of minds and how you can reciprocate and seduce them.

The problem with most men is that they are so bothered about the perfect line/opener to attract women.

Ultimately, they completely forget the aspect of being curious about the situation of the woman in that present moment and her reciprocation.

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Curiosity is the science of seduction to attract women.

Have you ever worked in sales? People who are exceptional in selling have a secret no matter how excellent or mediocre the product or service is.

All of them have almost the same ideology that correlates with being curious.

In fact, it’s to be curious enough to understand the customer’s needs and how that is proportionate to their emotional stimulus. Magical isn’t it?

The science of seduction works with the exact emotional stimulus of curiosity towards a woman and the same curiosity towards a man in a woman.

This amalgamation of two curious and emotional creatures magnificently strives towards healthy long term relationships and experiences.

Above all, if you want to naturally attract women, it’s vital that you are interested.

You need to be interested in the world around you, women you speak to, people you interact with every day.

Most importantly, to be interested in yourself and your development as a human being.

Curiosity is that one drive and a significant force that compels you to indulge in eradicating your biggest apprehensions and insecurities. 

I highly recommend the book – Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene. It elaborates the seduction techniques according to the type of seducer you are.

Honestly, women love solid men who can hold their ground. Well, I personally like to read a lot but at times it becomes difficult.

I would rather go for audio reads and trust me, it works. 

Knowledge is the new rich, arm yourself with it.  – Toni Payne.

I would strongly recommend you to use Audible to read books on the go and increase your knowledge.

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Curiosity drives you to be interesting!

Ever heard a woman say, this guy is kind of interesting and mysterious? 

The best lovers in the world are the ones who develop interesting personalities.

Honestly, you will be naturally good in relationships and attracting women if you can make a woman think about you and chase you.

Let me share a conversation I had with one of my girlfriends. This was when we had dated for a week or two.

Me: Hey, what do you find attractive in me? Can’t be how I look because I am confident about that!! 😉 (Just an average Indian)

Girlfriend: No, it’s not the looks. It is the intensity you have in your eyes and that smirk on your face.

Me: Most men are intense, so what?

Girlfriend: I can feel the intensity and passion you have for me which makes me feel kind of special.

Also, I am really curious to know more about you because you seem really interesting.

You literally make me chase you because I kind of felt that you have an abundance of women.

Me: Well, that’s deep. Thank you for giving me so many great experiences till now! (We looked into each other and made out passionately)


Attract Women

Curiosity makes you passionate and passionate men attract women.

You see some phrases above marked in bold. You just need to work on those aspects and develop a level of emotional curiosity for a woman.

Intensity, passion, feeling special, connection, sexual desire for her, are the things every woman desires for.

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Obviously, you are lucky if you belong to a great gene pool. Yes, definitely work on your physical improvement and health which boosts your confidence a lot more.

I’m just  a 5’7  Indian coloured dude. I mean if I can have more friends with benefits, why can’t you???

Check-out this video and find out..

However, also don’t let your looks and some derogatory social conditioning inhibit your warmth, passion and the curiosity inside you. 

Seduction is an art that you will continuously develop in many years. Moreover, it’s really not limited to picking up girls and manipulating women.

There are just a few basic aspects and mechanisms that you need to learn in order to attract women.

In reality, it becomes fairly simple when you understand what women want and you rectify the relationship mistakes you have been doing.

So, be curious and experience an awesome dating life. 

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I hope it was fun in learning. I have trained myself, learned and practised to experience what I have experienced. 😉 

If you are serious to be THE guy in front of any girl, check this out..

Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

Happy Hunting!

Nishant R.

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