6 ways to make a woman want you sexually

6 ways to make a woman want you sexually

How to make a woman want you sexually? This is one thing you would definitely want to know.

How easy would it be if you knew what women want from men? In reality, most men have specific archetypes of men in their minds to attract women sexually.

You must think that you need to look like a Greek God and have a lot of money and material success to make a woman want you sexually. Honestly, that’s not entirely true!!

In fact, it’s actually not that difficult once you understand the female dynamics of sexual attraction towards men.

Well, men are visual creatures and are sexually attracted to women with visually attractive attributes. Yes, you can use your imagination.

Whereas, women are emotional creatures and they are sexually attracted to a certain emotional spikes and feelings.

Make a woman want you sexually

I am glad to mention 6 most important tips that will help you attract women sexually.

I mean you would really want women to chase you and want you sexually.

In fact, that’s the best way to attract women as they are subconsciously attracted to challenges and uncertainties.

A woman wants a man who can own his desires.

Before you can learn what a woman wants from a man, you need to know what you want from a woman!!

You need to understand and own the reality that you are a man and you want to have SEX.

Unfortunately, most men try to be too accommodating and “nice” to women thinking that it will build some sort of sexual chemistry.

In fact, I have seen men talking to women without even looking into their eyes.

How would she feel that chemistry if you are not showing her what you want?

She doesn’t find you challenging enough to be sexually attractive because you are easing all the sexual tension.

Well, that’s the only reason you get friend zoned by a woman. See, a woman is smart enough to categorise men in 3 major categories.

1. A Sexual prospect.

2. A Friend or Just want a fuck buddy?

3. A sleazy unimportant man.

A Sexual prospect.

Of Course, that’s what you want to be. In fact, this article is all about helping you get there and be a prospect and attract women sexually.

A Friend –

Yes, we all have been there and it’s really disheartening. Honestly, it’s not a woman’s fault.

It’s your fault because you didn’t own your sexual intent and projected it to her.

A sleazy un-important man-

Well, I am least bothered about these types as seduction is for men who have a sense of improvement with women not for perverts and men who hate women.

It’s all about triggering her “Approval Seeking Instinct”. Hot women crave approval more than they crave food, water or air. If you can make a girl chase your approval, you can make her do… anything 🙂

Say these 3 innocent words to a girl to get her to chase your approval, so she’ll beg to be your f*** buddy, no matter your looks, age or income.

I highly recommend the book – Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene. It elaborates the seduction techniques according to the type of seducer you are.

attract women sexually

Be aware and be present with the woman.


Be present in the moment

It’s vitally important to be aware and present in the moment while interacting with a woman.

There is an exchange of energy when two people communicate.

Women love to put men on the spot not because they are evil but it’s a screening mechanism they use to build connection with men.

Moreover, a woman likes a balance of basic intellect (not that you have to be a scholar) and intensity.

See, the foundation to make a woman want you sexually is for you to feel sexual about her.

In fact, it is to feel the sexual energy and emotions in your body and let it flow naturally.

An intense eye contact with a little smirk on your face is powerful enough to attract women sexually.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to show how nice and understanding you are.

Instead, talk slow and create sexual tension. Put her on the pedestal and let her qualify her values to you.

Of course, you can’t be rude and not answer her questions, the idea is to not blabber about your values and qualities. Let her figure you out!

In the game of seduction, a woman is always trying to teach you how to seduce her.

Men are so bothered about the perfect things to say or do that they totally forget to be in the moment with the woman and look for the signals and indicators.

Honestly, women love solid men who can hold their ground. Well, I personally like to read a lot but at times it becomes difficult.

I would rather go for audio reads and trust me, it works. 

Knowledge is the new rich, arm yourself with it.  – Toni Payne.

I read a lot of Audio books to enhance my knowledge and I strongly recommend you to use Audible

Be direct and project your sexual intent.

Don’t get me wrong! Being direct doesn’t mean that you have to be verbal or too direct about your sexual desires.

Owning your sexual desire and intent has to be subtle and sensual.

That’s why being aware and present in the moment with a woman is further more important.

You need to calibrate with her signals and indicators of her interests towards you.

Most importantly, respect her comfort zone and gauge her reactions.

How can you be direct with your sexual intent?

By escalating sexually more often and letting her know that you are a sexual being and you are interested in her.

How soon do you leave her hand while you shake her hand when you meet?

Next time, maintain an intense eye contact and just hold her hand gently and pause for a few seconds.

See, if she grips your hand and gives you a little smile.

There you got your indicator. She wants you to lead her to something magical! Touch her hands more often.

Touch her lower back gently when you guide her to a chair or when you are crossing a road maybe.

You would be astonished to know that a woman wants you to kiss her sooner than you think.

You should genuinely want to know more about her and what she feels about life.

Be curious enough to know more about her dynamics and how she feels about certain situations.

To attract women sexually, you also need to change some of your old beliefs and conditioning about women’s sexuality.

In fact, most men categorise women as good or bad on the basis of their sexual virtue.

Women have sex not out of charity but only because they like it and it’s good for them.

“Use these three secret ‘Body Language Cues’ to make beautiful women sexually addicted to you for as long as you want.

Turn her on

Have a life – Love Yourself.

Have a life


I am sure you have heard this a thousand times! But seriously, we have thought about this more often when we had a breakup or a bad relationship.

See, the idea of having a life and loving yourself is paramount to be successful in everything in life.

In fact, loving yourself is much more important when it comes to attract women sexually.

In reality, you should be aiming to bring a woman into your amazing life and offer her awesome emotional and sexual experiences.

Having a life means that you are clear about your priorities and giving importance to other aspects of your life. 

A woman is naturally attracted to you sexually when she is challenged to qualify herself to be a part of your awesome life. 

Having priorities and boundaries in life is very important to have mutual respect for one another.

You will attract women sexually when a woman knows that she is important for you but you can live without her happily as you have a life to go back to.

Well, do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Transform your life with this 15 minutes manifestation and be the man you’ve always wanted to be!

Less is more!

Attract women sexually

Yes, less is more to attract women sexually! There’s a difference between average men and men who are good with women.

The difference is to know how much and when. What do I mean by that?

Ever experienced a woman backing off or reducing the number of calls and messages?

Or the number of excuses she makes to deny going on a date with you again?

The reason is that you are chasing her constantly and not letting her think about you.

Yes, it’s really important to give a woman the time to miss you and think about you.

In fact, it’s the urge of telling a woman how good you really are and how important that woman is in your life damages everything.

Okay, you had a great date and you have built a pretty good chemistry!

There’s no need to send her a message saying “I had a great time” or “you were awesome” right after your date.

In fact, if everything went well, give her the time to think and process the moments.

Honestly, there’s no harm sending her a message right after the date but it doesn’t have to be followed by another message the next morning.

Wait for a day or two before you send her a message or call her. If she calls or texts you great otherwise just carry on with your life.

If you really have to send her a text that bad, you can send her something like, Hey, I am starting to forget your face, want to catch up this Saturday, 5 PM) and that’s about it.

If she agrees, go on another date and see if she’s comfortable, make sure you escalate (subtle but sensuous .

If not, treat her like a woman yet keep escalating whenever you find her a bit comfortable.

Still getting hard looks and cold vibes, times to approach another girl and take her on a date. Simple!

She wants to be touched.

Again, less is more when it comes to sexual escalation. Don’t get confused, less doesn’t mean being slow or missing on her indicators.

You have to escalate sexually more often but you have to also gauge her reactions.

You can take a woman to bed as and when she’s ready.

It’s a different game of love when it’s a comfortable situation to have sex that’s a separate point to discuss later.

However, you have to just give her a hint of the actual action when it comes to escalation or doing less. 

For instance, if you get to a situation to kiss her may be in your car, it has to be great no doubt.

Just don’t get over boarded with it and jump on to other things.

Well, you sure can if the woman is comfortable.

But the idea is to make her chase you and attract you sexually, leave some imaginations for her.

Women have sexual desires and fantasies beyond the imagination of men. Don’t ruin it for her.

Attract any girl

Have an abundance of women.


Perhaps the most important of them all! A scarce mind-set is an important reason for men succumbing to self-doubt, inhibitions and self-hatred at times.

Why do you think most men are not happy in their lives?

Well, because they somehow thought they have found that “one girl” and got settled too soon.

Now, they just don’t know what they really wanted in a woman and they made a mistake settling with that one girl.

Most men will resonate with me on this.

I have not seen a single man unhappy if he is really good with women no matter how he looks like or what car he drives!!

It’s the confidence of being great in the most challenging aspect of life that’s handling relationships.

Pre-selection and validation.

In reality, to attract women sexually you need to have attracted a lot of women sexually.

There’s a proper term in the world of seduction called pre-selection.

A woman is naturally attracted sexually to a man when he has been pre-selected or pre-validated by other women.

In fact, it’s the feeling of being challenged to qualify her values to get that guy who is attracted to other women. Yes, that has to be you!

See, attracting women sexually becomes really easy when you understand how women operate.

It’s vital for you to understand the dynamics of woman which is only possible if you experience more women.

Furthermore, the only reason most men fail in relationships is because of the lack of experience.

Women have a thousand layers of emotional feelings and it becomes very difficult to understand them.

However, you would be able to understand enough to attract them sexually only if you know why they are reacting in certain ways and in a certain situations.

Hence, approach more women and experience the potential of amazing emotional and sexual adventures.

I am sure that this article would help a lot of you to understand the basics of attracting women sexually. Please feel free to write me for any questions you may have.

Happy Hunting!

Nishant R 




2 thoughts on “6 ways to make a woman want you sexually”

  1. I’ve been married to a lady for 7 years. Initially, we are fine, but later, i came to know that she had a boyfriend before my marriage which she kept hidden from me. She used to chat with him on facebook and delete the conversation. One day when I saw her messages two years old, she gave a weird excuse and often used to deviate me very well. I used to blindly believe her and used to send her to her hometown. Her parents passed away long ago so she used ot tell me that she needs to take care of her siblings who are younger to her. After 6 years, I came to know that she is still in contact with that guy and once she went to his hometown, why only God knows and fool like me dont know!!
    I felt like taking a divorce but one of the elderly couple whom i respect very much have consoled me and also counselled her. they didn’t believe what i told but adviced me to be patient. In a few months she was wanting to have a baby with me. I forgot eveything and planned, now whenever i recollect what has happened to me…. I m unable to live in peace but looking at the baby Im left with no choice.

    I don;t know if you find it fun reading this or pity. I just wanted to share to another soul because I can’t tell this to anyone who is near and dear to both of us.

    1. Hi Sivaram, I appreciate your courage in sharing your story with us because I can relate to your story as something of this sort happened to my friend too. I am not a marriage counselor so I would rather not give you any, however, I can only tell you a few things that are important in the perspective of living a life. Had I been at your place, I would have introspected and tried to pursue things I have always wanted to do for myself, and being a father is a wonderful thing. Marriage is all about partnership, love, passion, and awesome experiences. If you are not getting that from your partner, try to talk with her and be honest without being judgemental about her relationship with that other guy. If that works out great or else there’s no point living unhappy and constantly questioning your self-esteem. Feel free to write back. Thanks again. Nishant R.

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