Nishant Roy

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Hi, I am Nishant Roy. I am the founder of Seduction101.

My motive is to help men and women understand the importance of Seduction in life. 

How they can understand simple problems that are stopping them from having the best woman or man they desire.

My aim is to help men & women become naturally good in seduction and have an awesome dating life.

Quite honestly, I was what I call a “frustrated chump” myself as a teenager.

Very shy and low in confidence in almost everything what I tried except studies..I will give that to myself.

I was smart and I knew that, but there was something stopping me to explore the realm of happiness and love.

I learned the art of natural seduction and manifesting my life the way I wanted to be.

I truly believe that you can be the happiest when you know that you have the power to attract anyone you want.

When you know, that you are a high value man/woman who can enrich someone’s life with awesome experiences.

You see, when you have that self confidence and realisation about your own values and energies, you can manifest anything you want.

Love, Sex, Relationship, Money, Prosperity, Wealth etc etc etc.. you name it.

That’s what I aim to offer you in this blog!!

Happy Hunting….