Quotes and texts to keep him interested

15 Quotes and texts that will keep him interested in you.

How to keep him interested and drive him crazy?

It’s a question I have heard many times from my female friends. Here’s what you need to understand before you dwell too much on how to keep him interested.

Attraction is not a choice, it’s an attitude!

Needless to say, in order to keep a man interested in you, you should be interesting enough to be with. Build your own personality in a way that becomes irresistible to men.

Check out 10 attributes you should have to keep him interested in you.

Men are visual creatures and most of their feelings and achievements are entwined with what they can get and how challenging it is.

Irresistible texting

A man will eventually lose interest on something that he can get too easily. You see, a man’s brain is hard wired to be competitive.

He is always striving to be the sheep of the herd.

That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t value your emotions. A man needs equal attention and emotional experiences like a woman does, if not more.

Essentially, a relationship is based on the values a man and a woman shares. Plus amazing sexual experiences and experiments make it more passionate.

So, how to keep him interested in you with just a few quotes or text messages?

Devotion System

15 sexy quotes and messages that will ignite the beast inside him and will make him obsessed about you.

Quotes and texts to keep him interested

1. Let’s play PUBG together.

You Push, I Undress with my Back on your Groin.

As sexy as it may sound, a man’s brain is hard wired with sex and his imaginations. You can send this message just to stroke his imagination enough to get him turned on. Well, if your guy plays PUBG, even better.

Although, the key here is not to reply his messages back and forth. You can just give him a time frame until which the offer remains valid. If you know what I mean!

Attract women sexually

2. I value your hard work and determination, but your fingers are more worthy of pressing something else.

This can work really well if your man is constantly working on his laptop or computer. You can send it while he’s working from office or from home.

This will certainly ignite his imaginations. It will instantly make him smile and in fact, he will value you even more for understanding his hard work and initiating the spark.

How to keep him interested

3. I am nice girl, but I would really like to explore my horizons with you.

Now you have put him into pedestal. He will feel the need to perform up to the level of your expectation (Sexually).

Well, you want him to take the charge of sweeping your feet away. Now, he will have to put in his efforts to give you the experiences you desire for.

Quotes and texts to keep him interested

4. I have always wondered how deep the ocean is but I am really scared to think how deep can you go?

He can’t wait to show how good he is going to be on bed. You have just stroked his ego and boosted his imagination to perform well. A few texts like this will surely drive him crazy for you!

Side note: Although you have openly invited him for sex, make sure he works really hard to get there. Be passionate and use your imagination.

Devotion System


How to attract women

5. I know you like EDM but come home soon and you will listen to a whole new spectrum of sounds.

Every man has a close connection with some genre of music, just tweak a bit and send this message. He will come running to give you the best sex of your life.

Important tip: Be honest and vocal about your desires. Most men might not understand the signs of a woman’s body. Help him out without being judgmental.

6. Hey, can you help me shop for a bed? I want to make sure it doesn’t creak!!

How to keep him interested

Trust me, your man just cannot wait to show his skills on that bed. It specially works when you have just started dating and you want to take the relationship one step up.

Even if you don’t need a bed, just humping together on a bed is fun. You can whisper something like, do you think it can take it? If he seems too shy.

Quotes and texts to keep him interested

7. You seem so fit, I bet you work out a lot. How long can you stay on a slippery platform?


Can we do a push and pull routine together?

Again, you are stroking his ego and challenging his sexual virtue. See, the whole idea is to feed his imaginations with small doses of sexual transcripts I call it.

Send him simple flirty questions to keep him sexually interested in you and keep it spiced up.

How to keep him interested

8. You talk so passionately. Just wondering if your tongue is also equipped with the same skills.

Yes, you admire his passion about a certain dynamics. But, you also want the same passion on bed and you want to experience awesome sex.  

Challenge him about his sexual desires and he will be ever fascinated about what’s next in your mind.

One of the few things you can say to him which will drive him crazy!

Quotes and texts to keep him interested

9. You play PUBG but I play SEX where both can play and both can slay.

Bold isn’t it. That’s what you want to show him. Show him how desirable he is and you are not scared of showing your wild side either.

Note: Works best on men who plays PUBG or similar online games.

I liked what you did

10. I bet you can’t match the tattoo you imprinted last night on my neck.

Most men are quite complacent when it comes to sex. However, they also crave for approval. You see, for a high valued man, it’s imperative to know if he was able satisfy his partner or not.

One such message will give him approval about his performance. You are also challenging him yet again to show what else he has got.

Moreover, you are telling him that you liked the sexual experiences you have had with him.

That’s a hook to keep him interested in you and will drive him crazy whenever he thinks about you.

Make him worship you

Lets have a baby

11.  I need 100 million Sperm Cells tonight!

No man in the world can refuse that invitation. Essentially, men are responsible to keep the reproduction cycle running. This message will strike his primitive male psychology to reproduce and re-instate his spermatozoa.

Side note: You might want to refrain sending this message if you don’t want to get pregnant. Also, if you don’t want to use any contraceptive. Although, works really well for married couples who are planning a baby.

I am crazy about you

12. Shut me up in the morning but make me scream at night.

You are actually telling his subconscious mind to be dominant when required. He will be wild and all beefed up to give you orgasms after orgasms.

Moreover, you won’t even have to ask him for sex the next time.

Morning or night, you just have to push his button to turn him on whenever you want.

You make me wet

13.  You make me so wet when you look into my eyes and then down at my lips.

That will remind him of your beautiful lips and he just can’t wait to kiss you. It’s subtle but very effective and will certainly keep him interested in you.

You are mu dopamine

14. I don’t smoke but I need some dopamine. Could you help?

Dopamine is a happy hormone and a good orgasm releases a ton of it. This subtle text will make him smile and he will be happy to help you with your dopamine scarcity.

You are in my mind

15. Please stop hovering in my mind or you will have to buy me new panties.

Your man will not be able to stop thinking about you after this message. Well, he makes you wet whenever you think about him.

He is going to have a smirk on his face and will imagine your wet panty and how your body feels.

Side note: Please don’t mind a few ripped panties after all. He will buy a couple anyway.

There you go, 15 quotes or texts you can send your man to drive him crazy and keep him interested in you.

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